The Loving Mother Goddess of Trees


It was a long time ago that I first encountered a warm, comforting, motherly and deeply powerful Goddess, who appeared and spoke to me through grown trees. She is a very calm, patient and wise aspect of Mother Nature, who has since been a most loved guide to me through many years. I came to call her the Loving Mother Goddess of Trees, and would like to share my experiences of her with you.

Since I am not a follower of any particular tradition, I like to read a lot about many beliefs, but ultimately base my faith on my own experiences. This is how I eventually first encountered her: I was always fascinated by trees since I was a small child. I would play amongst them, climb them, hide behind their branches and leaves, but also hug them, talk to them, feel their energy and soul…

When I became more interested in my spirituality, I learned that I was not the only one who could sense/feel/see energies and auras around me, and I learned more about this phenomena. I started to pay more attention to my surroundings. Then I saw that under the individual energies of the trees there was something much mor deep, ancient and magical… as I, enchanted, touched the stem of the large tree… she spoke to me. And as I listened, her energy flowed through my hand into me, and I could see her with my mind’s eye. She was the second deity to contact me so directly (the first one was an ardent, fiery Warrior God) but it was the most profound, deep spiritual experience I ever had till that day.

This was many years ago, and until today our relationship continues, like that of Mother and Daughter. She gives me guidance, wisdom and comfort, protects me in danger, heals me, and grounds me when I lose the earth from under my feet. I address her as the Mother Goddess of Trees because she always appears and speaks to me through large trees, although her presence can be felt everywhere where there is plant life.

Today I had a magical spiritual experience she guided me to, which inspired me to write this post: It was lunch time at the university and my ears were saturated with crowd chatter. I needed some solitude, quiet, space to breathe and opportunity to ground myself, so I went outside. Mother Goddess  called out to me, quietly but firmly, from a willow tree at the side of the channel. Under the willow branches I found a magical sanctuary from the buzz of the university, and I could eat my sandwich in the company of ducks, coots, crows and other local birds (to whom I offered a part of my bread). After that I still had time so I walked slowly on the grass and among the trees along the channel, enjoying the sun. I felt myself becoming grounded again, my nerves soothed and shield repaired, while I felt the warmth of the Mother Goddess around me. Then she heightened my awareness, and showed me all the differnt, beautiful manifestations of life that were on that small patch of nature. There were the ducks, coots, crows, a goose couple with very many, very early chicks!  😀 The funny ponies that live there, a grey heron patiently waiting, songbirds whistling in the distance, a small spider on a tree enjoying the first rays of spring sun… as I touched a cozy, sun-warmed tree to say goodbye, she told me again how many beautiful forms of life were surrounding me. On the way back, a pair of Hawks (my  main spirit animal) flew overhead, gracefully circling once right above me and calling out.

I will continue to honour her and love her, the Loving Mother Goddess of trees, the deep, wise power of the forests.

I would love to hear your experiences ^_^ do you have a close, personal, deep relationship with a motherly Goddess?

panorama of the channel. Faculty of Aerospace can be seen in the distance on the left.
panorama of the channel. Faculty of Aerospace can be seen in the distance on the left.

kitty hugs to all~


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