Season’s Greetings~

I wish everyone a very blessed and happy holidays, regardless of what they are celebrating. I am visiting my family and I think this is what it is all about: sharing joy with your loved ones and telling them they mean so much.

I will be back with some archery adventures soon, for now I wish for everyone to enjoy the season ^_^

kitty hugs to all~



hello world~

in the past i have blogged this way and that, like an on/off relationship with my computer >~< i would always come up with an awesome theme or decide to join a blog project but eventually the initial excitement would wear out, the busy life would overtake and i would get tired of trying to juggle extra time for writing.

however, writing has always been an important part of my life. so this time i have come up with a genius scheme: screw themes. screw projects. screw stressy deadlines, prompts and dictated content. this blog is simply going to contain stuff i like, expressed in words, that are hopefully organised into coherent english so that readers can understand and perhaps even enjoy whatever it is i am drivelling on about at the moment. i am a happy floating Shadow in wordpress space again and am eagerly anticipating my inspirations turning into words here :3

kitty hugs to everyone,