Blessed Spring Equinox experience~

Yesterday was a really wonderful day for me, when the Divine presence and the magic of the world was everywhere. I would like to share my experiences ^_^

In the morning, the solar eclipse part of the day did not go very well. I was all woe-is-me because there was a compulsory project session at university, and also a thick cloud cover that rendered the whole sky a monotonous grey. In fact, the clouds were so thick that the light did not even noticably change.

This did not stop the majority of the students from going to stand around outside at the eclipse time to take photos… xD

By midday the clouds cleared and there was sunlight, and apart from the adorable baby geese and usual local birds, there were circling ~5-6 hawks above, in a single spiral. So many?! Later, on my way home i met cats on literally every street, they were all friendly and came for attention and petting. On this magical day, so many beautiful manifestations of life crossed my path :3

My ritual took place in the evening, after the sun had set. I planted seeds of vegetable plants to honour the awakening and growing of life in all its forms, as well as to symbolise the nurturing  and progress of my ideas I wish to put into practice soon. I dedicated them to my loved Mother Goddess. I also made a devotional bracelet as a dedication to my patron Warrior God, and to confirm my commitmentto continuing on the path he guided me to. The circle was buzzing with energy from start to finish, and I could really feel Divine presences with me, surrounding me, strengthening the magic, supporting me and participating ^_^ It was a wonderful evening, and I finished it with a feast in the company of the Goddess and God.


devotional to the Warrior God Ares, with a bow+arrow symbol for my path as an Archer, and red jasper.
devotional to the Warrior God Ares, with a bow+arrow symbol for my path as an Archer, and red jasper.
little seeds ^_^
little seeds ^_^
...and today I did very well :3
…and today I did very well :3

I wish a very blessed spring to everyone! kitty hugs to all~


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