about me~

hello world.

i shall introduce myself to you as Joouna. if that sounds too perplexing you can also call me Shadows :3

i’m a university student studying awesome engineering stuff, and i’m moonlighting like fifty other things because i love doing stuff. a great aspiration of mine is to invent longer days. then again i would probably get sweeeepy~yawwwwwwn~ never mind. maybe i should just learn to organise myself. :3 as you can see, i have an attention span of roughly 5 seconds. xD

i guess i’m one of *those* creatures that have personalities that make most humans scratch their head in confusion. (in order to make things simpler, i’m told that assuming i’m a cat will work quite often when trying to predict my reactions.)

in any case i hope you enjoy my (hopefully coherent) writing ^_^

kitty hugs to all~


6 thoughts on “about me~

  1. Okay – it’s difficult for me to believe that I’m the first one commenting here and asking the questions I’m about to ask: how do you pronounce your name? Where does it come from, and what does it mean? Shadows is easy enough … but I’m not accustomed to referring to a single person with a plural noun, is there a story behind this name as well?


    • hehe good question :3 read it phonetically, J is like english Y, O like in mOre, U pronounced like rOOm, rest is easy. It means exactly that, Shadows ^_^ plural fits well because i tend to be a very plural personality 😛 and no its not my given name, it comes from a fantasy language.

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