Guest Post- Improve Your Archery Technique through Nutrition

Excitiiiing~ This is a guest post by Erica Rascon, fellow blogger, archer, yogini, and writer of great posts about health and fitness. It is great to connect and collaborate on stuff like this, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! ~kitty hugs to all, now on to Erica’s awesome post :3

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hello~ just stopping by to announce to the world that I managed to redeem myself today at a (very relaxed) internal club competition and got a decent score. That makes me really happy because it means thursday’s horror was hopefully just an exeption.

have a nice weekend + kitty hugs,


Competitions and a Really Bad Hair Day

This week our range hosted two barebow competitions on tuesday and thursday, as part of a series of regional barebow competitions. Naturally I was stoked for it already months in advance, but as you may have heard from this post my traditional bow that I had been practicing with suddenly gave up and I had to seitch last minute to my brand-new recurve. Continue reading

Calamity & New Hopes

The region I live in has a very high archery club density, and quite a lot of enthusiastic traditional/barebow archers, so every year there is organised a series of barebow competitions. I was really stoked about it and trained quite a lot for it with my traditional bow, and was confident that I would do well…

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