Archers are never bored. #6

Did you think that the double arrow shot of Legolas in LOTR was all cgi? Well, you were correct ūüėõ but it is not the only way. It can be done 100% real, and it is completely safe and aimable! ūüėÄ Stay tuned for the next post where I will describe in detail how to do it! After all, archery is all about “do try this at home”!

kitty hugs to all~


We Are The System

warning: long. But read it anyway, and share away~

I have been seeing more and more opinions floating on the internet that condemn the current operating system of (western) human society. I find that wonderful because behind those more and more opinions are more and more people who think that way, and that gives hope concerning the future of human society.

The following few things are what I can think of off the top of my head that definitely need to be changed:

-The economy is based on the assumption of infinite resources, and is aimed at infinite “growth”.

Wait, what? Anyone with a shred of common sense knows that there is no such thing as infinite physical resources. It may have seemed a feasible *temporary* approximation at the time of the industrial revolution (many orders of magnitude smaller population and rate of consumption) but the fact that this can no longer be applied is glaringly obvious. Neither is infinite growth possible, thank the Gods. Imagine an infinitely growing obese man inside a room of finite dimensions. He’s going to feel uncomfortable pretty soon.

-Mama is really angry.

As a consequence of the above mentioned economic model is that humankind is leaving way too many adverse effects on its surroundings, which the volatile system of nature simply cannot tolerate. Extreme mood swings are no big deal for Mama Earth (see the ice core data) but with the added effect of atmosphere pollution, there is probably quite a spanking in the making for the not-so-far future.

-The 9-5 rat race culture.

Which for many people is actually an 8-6-to-10-or-later. And then you can go home but still be on call every second. Apparently the 8h workday is only for socialists, and there are precious few socialist bosses around I guess.

What this results in is 3 different kinds of people: Successful people who realise late in life that money and recognition is not buying them the happiness they seek. People who are actually semi-sentient machines on autopilot. Or people who become flaming nerve wrecks that crash and burn into a mental illness caused entirely by the unrealistic expectations made on people these days. Some examples:

  • “Burnout disorder”, something extremely prevalent which was rare to nonexistent before the industrial revolution and the “mechanisation” of the workforce.
  • Try getting on some public transport during “rush hour” in an office district. The office workers will all be stampeding with a brisk almost-running walk, all with the same tired, unexpressive face, all wearing same silly suit and tie style, glancing at their watches with the same motion, and stepping on everything in their path (each other, schoolchildren, old grandmas, cleaning lady… this was my everyday journey to school so I know!). As if they were being pulled by their neckties (which I always thought symbolised leashes), ¬†hypnotised by their watches (the movie In Time, anyone?) and completely unconscious. I swear, the zombie apocalypse is already here.
  • My classmates in high school, at age 16-18, were already complaining about how boring their university study will be and how horrible their career life will be. They were looking forward to their retirement time, and planning what they will do when they are rich and old. Um, at age 16. This is the youth of today.
  • Doctors can stop wondering why people are obese, unfit or have pains: If they¬†spend a minimum of 8h sitting in a cramped position every day, plus car commutes, then when they get home they are too tired to do anything but sit on the sofa and watch tv…. yes.

I think I have listed enough adverse effects of the rat race culture to have made my point so I will now restrain myself, although the full list would not fit on a roll of toilet paper.

-Survivability is on the sharp decline.

This is on a physical, mental and emotional level.

  • Physically, since so much things are to be done in a passive position, being physically fit is more and more of a challenge since you have to put extra time and dedication into it.
  • Mentally, a lot of basic skills are getting lost over the generations, because they are “not useful in today’s society”. Well, “today’s society” can not be taken as granted all the time. It is enough to get stranded with a broken down car in the middle of nowhere, with a dead phone, for example.
  • Emotionally: kids are raised to be afraid of/hostile to nature and the wilderness. As a result you get hilarious scenarios of 18yr old boys squealing like piglets when there is a lizard in their sleeping bag, walking around a very long way (and complaining about tiredness all the time) because they did not want to cross a forest and get a little mud on their shoes, etc…
  • People also seem to be unable to walk through nature without leaving a very obvious stamped out trail, preferably with a breadcrumb trail of food wrappers.

The problem with this is that in the event that something *does* happen, natural selection will do its job and there may not be many left in the end. Perhaps this is a natural reaction to overpopulation?

-The “party culture” and the wasting of the youth:¬†read here if you don’t know what I mean.

-The homogenisation of opinions, mindsets, cultures… (while advocating diversity).

I admit that there is no proof for this but sometimes I get the feeling that everything seems to enforce that we should all become the same. If you voice¬†opinions that really differ from the status quo you’re a radical. If your thought processes deviate from what the education system expects you’ve got learning disorders. If you advocate the preservation of cultures, and god forbid are not sexually attracted to people of another race, you are racist. All this while a “diversity is good!” agenda is propagated. Yes, diversity is indeed good, but diversity is embracing differences, not eradicating them. Especially, thinking for oneself seems to be discouraged.


I call for a new re-evolution. Instead of complaining about “the system” as a separate entity, we should know:

We are the system.

If everyone passed the news along to one more person, we could set about building a society that suits our needs and fits our time.

Spread the flame. Let’s make it happen.

kitty hugs to all~


Summer Solstice and the Blessing of Insight

Blessed Summer Solstice to everyone~ May the sun light up your souls~

My celebration yesterday was not as long and involved as I wanted it to be because …exams… -_- but I made the most of the time I had and made a simple ritual to salute the Sun God on his longest day.

In Greek mythology the Sun God Apollo is, among many things, also a patron of oracles and divination. Usually I will “only” ask messenger angels and spirits to help me with divination, and I didn’t have such a close relationship with Sun but yesterday I suddenly had the inspiration and decided to seize the opportunity and ask for some much needed guidance. (I had a lot of stress and uncertainty, mainly academic and future career related)

I. was. blown. away.

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Outdoor competition 18m and 25m

I just returned from an outdoor archery competition, 18m and 25m, 36 arrows each. It was a huge open field with songbirds and gulls…. and flies and spiders and everything else, oh well ^_^¬†It was a really nice place and also nice weather with lots of participants who brought camping chairs and party tents with them, so it had a funny summer camping feel to it. xD


In the warmup phase there were some 25 and some 18m targets and everyone shot wherever they wanted. I always shot 6 arrows, 3 on 18 and 3 on 25, then forgot which targets they were on so spent some time running around in panic mode “where are my arrows???” xD xD

The competition did not go as well in terms of score as I hoped, then again this was my first ever outdoor competition, and a long time since is last shot outdoors. There was also an annoying wind that always changed direction. Still it was not too bad, and I still managed to earn the compliments of my lane mates and a couple of spectators who thought I was very good at barebowing :3

taking aim at 25m
taking aim at 25m

After the 25m round I was at 2nd place barebow. Unfortunately my 18m did not go too well because there were some fantastic rounds but also some big disasters, so the rival behind me managed to catch up. Still I ended up 3rd place barebow in the end ^_^ I respectfully accept defeat by the two barebows that beat me, they were both decades older men than me with clearly lots of experience and practice, something to look up to.


I also ended up with a sunburn xD oh well. It was a very nice day and lots of fun.

kitty hugs to all~


Oooo Shiny :3

Already almost 2 weeks ago I stumbled across these silver pretties at the local market, of course I could not resist:


The pentacle is just perfect. I love snakes ^_^ Snakes also represent patience, wisdom and ability. It now lives on a silver chain necklace.¬†ūüźć

The viking ship is a an awesome representation of the “bring me the horizon” attitude, the ocean, is a nod to some northern ancestors, and also looks badass too. This one now keeps my Triskele Bracelet company on a brown leather band.

just wanted to share ^_^ kitty hugs to all~


New challenge

After the win of Sunday I decided to score myself on something else for a change yesterday. There is another competition coming up in little more than a week and coach says there will be some seriously good barebow shooters there. Better up my game… I decided to shoot at 3spots because 1) there was randomly a 3spot target there yesterday when I arrived and 2) Shooting at smaller things increases accuracy.

So here is my first ever attempt at scoring myself on a 3spot. 10 rounds, 3 arrows each…

small 3spot, 18m
small 3spot, 18m

I’d say this was not too bad for a first try. I missed 3 times because because ummm nevermind I have no excuse xD I need to improve still and hopefully reduce that number to 0 soon!

kitty hugs to all~


1st Place :D

Yesterday was a competition of 25m 1 arrow, 32 rounds… this was last round:


The one in the middle is mine :3

aaaaand I got first place barebow!! ūüėÄ with quite a decent score.


The competition was quite challenging fpr concentration, always shooting 1 arrow at a time and having to wait so much in between. On top of that, the first half took longer than I expected and I was starving in the end >w< the last 3 arrow of the first half were not too good and I thought I doomed myself to some mediochre score and place. Then in the second half I did very well so not only did I manage to balance out the first half but also rise above the others! Yay!!! And it was also a lot of fun.

Wish all fellow archers good shooting, and kitty hugs to all~