~stuff i like and don’t like.

in no particular order.

Stuff I Like

  • Archery! only like the best thing one can do with a life :3
  • Kitties! and other cute animals.
  • fresh air
  • Aircrafts! Spacecrafts! (and i happen to be studying about them! awesome!)
  • Fantasy stories + movies + games
  • ->writing fantasy stories
  • –> writing about stuff i like
  • Tarot
  • cool eye makeup
  • Knife throwing!
  • Yoga!
  • Running!
  • sneaking up on people and scaring the living daylights outta them :3
  • physics. useful.
  • playing piano
  • piano pieces by Chopin, Beethoven or Debussy
  • epic music
  • Swimming!
  • crystals
  • flight sim games
  • being cozy
  • …more stuff? :3 to be continued

Stuff I Don’t Like

  • dogs. they always bark at me.
  • coldness.
  • being clumsy.
  • carrots.
  • noise, crowds, public places, too much attention…
  • people who want to talk me into being a different person.

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