Intuitive Tag challenge

So I stumbled upon this challenge that has been floating about the blogosphre called The Intuitive Tag. It consists of 15 questions about intuitive ability and spirituality. Let’s give it a go :3 I will try not to spend too much time, instead answer straightforward off the top of my head.

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…a beautiful example… :’}

As I arrived to university this morning, I went looking for the goose family living on the field, as I always do before classes start, since I first discovered them. Father goose sitting on the fence in sentry mode check, Mama goose curled up on the grass sleeping, check, no chicks. I get closer, still I see nothing, start worrying.

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Get moving! (moving target shooting)

Moving targets are awesome. Practicing with moving targets does not only tremendously improve aiming ability, concentration and speed, but is also a *lot* of fun, and brings a fresh challenge and enthusiasm to the archery range. There are a number of different ways that moving targets can work, in this post I will talk about the types of moving targets, and my technique to shoot at them.

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Ardent Warrior God, Ares

Since I am already mentioning him in this post, and then in more detail here, I decided he needs a post of his own. He is known as Ares to the Greeks, and as Mars to the Romans*, and is the deity of war, strength (brute force), and courage. Definitely not an all Love&Light God, he can be violent and destructive as the things he represents, but is also a fierce protector and a brother-in-arms who leads us to act with courage and stand our ground in life.

(*there are slight differences between Roman and Greek mythology. In this post all mythology referenced will be from Greek mythology.)

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Here comes the Equinox!

I’m so excited! Tomorrow is going to be the Spring Equinox! …and a solar eclipse! and new moon! waaaahh… 😀 On top of that, the Moon and the Sun will enter the sign of Aries, where Mars, ruling planet, is already waiting. It’s going to be a really powerful day, that is for sure, and I am beyond excited. Continue reading

New Wand

Long ago when I started on the path of witchcraft, I made myself a very simple wand, from an oak branch. But this was quite a few years ago, and I have grown, become more experienced and expanded my beliefs since then, so when I moved away from my parents, I left it there, as I felt it belonged there. For a while I used a simple piece of bamboo, but recently I longed for something that was more personal. Looking around my room, my search quickly ended before it even begun properly. There was my new wand already waiting for me, and it had perfect! written all over it.

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