New Wand

Long ago when I started on the path of witchcraft, I made myself a very simple wand, from an oak branch. But this was quite a few years ago, and I have grown, become more experienced and expanded my beliefs since then, so when I moved away from my parents, I left it there, as I felt it belonged there. For a while I used a simple piece of bamboo, but recently I longed for something that was more personal. Looking around my room, my search quickly ended before it even begun properly. There was my new wand already waiting for me, and it had perfect! written all over it.


An old, wooden arrow, broken at the noc. :3 This arrow, along with its sisters, was cusom made for me by a traditional arrowmaker, and was with me on many adventures, defeats and victories before it broke. However, it is not trash! It is a special kind of broken: I shot so precisely that I shot my own arrow. The ultimate symbol of skill in the archery world.

I believe that wands (and other tools of the craft) should have a special meaning for the one who uses it, and this arrow is the best wand I could ever find. Not only does it reflect my path as an archer, but has plenty of symbolic meaning too. The fact that it is broken shows skill, and as a result an achievement, which is definitely applicable to witchcraft too. It is also, however, a sacrifice for the display of the skill. It reminds me of the nature of the craft: we must learn, practice our skills, sacrifices may have to be made, but it is worth it for the great path that it is.

An arrow is also a good symbol for focusing intention and energy towards a target, which makes it good wand material. Barebow archers often use the arrowtip to aim, a very simple but effective technique. The same way we can visualise aiming for our targets while working magic. Devotees of an archer deity can also use an arrow as a wand as a devotion.

What kinds of wand do you use to work magic? Or do you use different tools? I would love to hear comments 🙂

kitty hugs to all~


4 thoughts on “New Wand

  1. I love that you are going to use this arrow for your new wand!!! That is so unique and personal, and it is a symbol of your dedication to all of your crafts.
    What I used as a wand was a yew wand from Alivans that I tied different ribbons and crystals and stones to, but it broke in half and I have to glue it back together. I have been using a makeshift athame for the last few months, which is a wood handled blade that I inherited.

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