LiPaPo 7: Broom

Hello all~ this is the LiPaPo series, standing for Little Pagan Post. Every day I will post a short little post, exploring an aspect of my beliefs and practices. I hope you enjoy them ~ kitty hugs to all~ Joouna

Today I would like to share with you something I made a few days ago:

Witches' broom! :D
Witches’ broom! 😀

This little witches’ broom is too small to fly with 😛 Instead, it can be used to clean people, things, or areas of any nasty energy. This is useful because when we walk around in daily life, it is very easy to pick up some some dumped negative energy here, some residual angryness there, some ill will from a conflict, add maybe a floater, and after a while the effects become quite noticable and we may even think we have been cursed. Of course it is also a possibility that we are right, but in my experience being cursed intentionally and “professionally” is much more rare than people think.

The first time I made a nice witches’ cleaning broom was some years ago when I still went to school and lived with my parents. There came a moment when suddenly everything seemed to break and fall apart. Appliances, replaced, new appliances, vehicle, parts of the house and garden, communication with other people… many plans we had went down the toilet. After about a week or two Mom and I were agreeing that we seem to have picked up an unusual run of bad luck somewhere. Then after a pause Mom looks at me and says: “You are the witch in the family, I am sure there is a spell for this! Get to work!” The result was a little broom similar to this one, and it worked very well. We swept our whole area and everything in it, and things improved almost immediately. This evolved into a practice of sweeping eachother when we got home on days we felt something icky may have gotten stuck on us. When I moved away, I left the broom there, where it belonged.

And now I have a one here too, I never got around to making one somehow but during the exams I finally decided it has to be done! Very happy with the result ^_^

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