LiPaPo 3: Diversity

Hello all~ this is the LiPaPo series, standing for Little Pagan Post. Every day I will post a short little post, exploring an aspect of my beliefs and practices. I hope you enjoy them ~ kitty hugs to all~ Joouna

Yesterday I wrote about Polytheism and the diversity of divine and spiritual beings, but today let me return to the topic of diversity: this time on the physical plane. The diversity I wish to talk about is the diversity of the human species.

Across the globe, there can be found groups of genetic, cultural, lingual and religious differences. What I have observed is that many times people either start fighting¬†over these differences, asserting that one is better than the other, or argue that “we are all human!” and try to fit everyone under one umbrella. The first option I do not agree with, but also not the second one. Yes, we are indeed all the same species and that is great, but I sometimes have the feeling that efforts are made to homogenise the human population on the premise of tolerance and inclusivity.

I believe that we should not see differences as a “bad thing” but we should embrace them, and also preserve them. It is a great loss when languages and cultures become extinct, and a long line of ancestors are forgotten by their children. By all means we should keep growing into the future. But we should also stay connected with our deep roots.

Like trees.

Ardent Warrior God, Ares

Since I am already mentioning him in this post, and then in more detail here, I decided he needs a post of his own. He is known as Ares to the Greeks, and as Mars to the Romans*, and is the deity of war, strength (brute force), and courage. Definitely not an all Love&Light God, he can be violent and destructive as the things he represents, but is also a fierce protector and a brother-in-arms who leads us to act with courage and stand our ground in life.

(*there are slight differences between Roman and Greek mythology. In this post all mythology referenced will be from Greek mythology.)

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Here comes the Equinox!

I’m so excited! Tomorrow is going to be the Spring Equinox! …and a solar eclipse! and new moon! waaaahh… ūüėÄ On top of that, the Moon and the Sun will enter the sign of Aries, where Mars, ruling planet, is already waiting. It’s going to be a really powerful day, that is for sure, and I am beyond excited. Continue reading

Is my Paganism showing?

I am a¬†spiritual person, and my faith is important to me. Here’s the catch though: I¬†am Pagan, and I am a witch. This¬†can be a¬†potential source of skepticism, questioning, raised eyebrows, even scorn and hostility. Fortunately I have not yet been on the receiving end of anything dramatic, but I have heard enough from the experiences of fellow Pagans. As a result I have not been too vocal about my faith.

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