How to recover from a shooting catastrophe

This post is inspired by recent competition shooting experience. It has come to my attention that learning to recover from a terrible shot/a whole wave of terrible shots (waaaaah!!!) is equally important as learning how to avoid them. Continue reading

Shoot Fast!!

I don’t think there is a single archer on this world who has not had, at some point during their life, a fantasy about being able to shoot just like Legolas/Robin Hood/Hawkeye/Katniss/Arrow/pick your favorite archer hero. One thing that these diverse screen archers seem to have in common that they can shoot insanely quickly.

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Gap Shooting

Gap shooting is one of the simplest and probably most commonly used aiming techniques in archery. All bows with aiming sights (olympic recurves + compounds) operate using this basic principle, and some¬†barebow and traditional archers prefer this method too. Beginners are often told to “point the arrowhead at the target” during the first trainings. Because of its simplicity and reliability it is extremely useful to keep it in the back of one’s head, even if it is not the preferred shooting style, as a backup technique. Continue reading