New challenge

After the win of Sunday I decided to score myself on something else for a change yesterday. There is another competition coming up in little more than a week and coach says there will be some seriously good barebow shooters there. Better up my game… I decided to shoot at 3spots because 1) there was randomly a 3spot target there yesterday when I arrived and 2) Shooting at smaller things increases accuracy.

So here is my first ever attempt at scoring myself on a 3spot. 10 rounds, 3 arrows each…

small 3spot, 18m
small 3spot, 18m

I’d say this was not too bad for a first try. I missed 3 times because because ummm nevermind I have no excuse xD I need to improve still and hopefully reduce that number to 0 soon!

kitty hugs to all~


Get moving! (moving target shooting)

Moving targets are awesome. Practicing with moving targets does not only tremendously improve aiming ability, concentration and speed, but is also a *lot* of fun, and brings a fresh challenge and enthusiasm to the archery range. There are a number of different ways that moving targets can work, in this post I will talk about the types of moving targets, and my technique to shoot at them.

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Training for Accuracy, Part 1: Aiming

Accuracy denotes your ability to hit a target. An accurate shooter will aim at a point in space and the arrow will land there, or at least very close to it. Keep in mind that accuracy says nothing about precision, and comes mainly from a good aiming and shooting technique. This post concerns only the aiming, part 2 will cover shooting technique.

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Training for Precision

Precision is all about consistency, about shooting the arrow in exactly the same way over and over again. Precise shooting results in tight groupings, and ultimately the “Robin Hood shot” of hitting your own arrows (which may be glorious, or it may be unfortunate if your arrows are expensive…)

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