LiPaPo 11: Death -> Rebirth

Hello all~ this is the LiPaPo series, standing for Little Pagan Post. Every day I will post a short little post, exploring an aspect of my beliefs and practices. I hope you enjoy them ~ kitty hugs to all~ Joouna

I have already mentioned in these posts, but I would like to elaborate more on what I believe happens after we die. I do not claim to be 100% certain that I am correct. After all there is hardly a way to find out, while coming back to speak about it! So my belief makes sense to me and feels right to me, but I accept and respect all other beliefs too, because in the end it is all speculation.

I believe that when a body dies, the soul detaches from it and “floats” away. Now, I believe that the soul and body are not entirely separate things during life, and during this detachment, it is not like the whole personality and all floats away in one piece… Death is not only a physical transition. Only the most defining details, the very essence of the soul floats away…

…like a little seed of a dandelion. The seed then floats away in the wind, in the hands of the Divine… it may touch down fast to start growing, or may fly this way and that, resting, seeking, before embarking on the new adventure. Parents-to-be and floating seeds seek each other out, and eventually find each other, thus the seed lands, and life grows, and the soul grows into the life. This is called reincarnation, the soul incarnates again and again. And as the dandelion grows and then withers away, seeds will fly again~ …Did I use a wrong metaphor? Dandelions create many seeds. Or does the soul split into children too?…


Although most memories will probably be lost from one incarnation to the next, a few may be retained. An explanation to this could also be that there is some sort of collective mind where memories of all lives of all beings are stored… I do not know but it is certainly an interesting topic. I think I do have a bunch of memory fragments that are not from this life. However, to argue against myself, the mind is a powerful thing an my imagination can be exceptionally vivid. It may be difficult to say that it was not my imagination. Then again, I wonder where the imagination comes from…?

Hm hm I see I was in a very philosophical mood today :3 have a nice evening, y’all ^_^