Training for Accuracy, Part 1: Aiming

Accuracy denotes your ability to hit a target. An accurate shooter will aim at a point in space and the arrow will land there, or at least very close to it. Keep in mind that accuracy says nothing about precision, and comes mainly from a good aiming and shooting technique. This post concerns only the aiming, part 2 will cover shooting technique.

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Training for Precision

Precision is all about consistency, about shooting the arrow in exactly the same way over and over again. Precise shooting results in tight groupings, and ultimately the “Robin Hood shot” of hitting your own arrows (which may be glorious, or it may be unfortunate if your arrows are expensive…)

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How to recover from a shooting catastrophe

This post is inspired by recent competition shooting experience. It has come to my attention that learning to recover from a terrible shot/a whole wave of terrible shots (waaaaah!!!) is equally important as learning how to avoid them. Continue reading