Outdoor competition 18m and 25m

I just returned from an outdoor archery competition, 18m and 25m, 36 arrows each. It was a huge open field with songbirds and gulls…. and flies and spiders and everything else, oh well ^_^ It was a really nice place and also nice weather with lots of participants who brought camping chairs and party tents with them, so it had a funny summer camping feel to it. xD


In the warmup phase there were some 25 and some 18m targets and everyone shot wherever they wanted. I always shot 6 arrows, 3 on 18 and 3 on 25, then forgot which targets they were on so spent some time running around in panic mode “where are my arrows???” xD xD

The competition did not go as well in terms of score as I hoped, then again this was my first ever outdoor competition, and a long time since is last shot outdoors. There was also an annoying wind that always changed direction. Still it was not too bad, and I still managed to earn the compliments of my lane mates and a couple of spectators who thought I was very good at barebowing :3

taking aim at 25m
taking aim at 25m

After the 25m round I was at 2nd place barebow. Unfortunately my 18m did not go too well because there were some fantastic rounds but also some big disasters, so the rival behind me managed to catch up. Still I ended up 3rd place barebow in the end ^_^ I respectfully accept defeat by the two barebows that beat me, they were both decades older men than me with clearly lots of experience and practice, something to look up to.


I also ended up with a sunburn xD oh well. It was a very nice day and lots of fun.

kitty hugs to all~


1st Place :D

Yesterday was a competition of 25m 1 arrow, 32 rounds… this was last round:


The one in the middle is mine :3

aaaaand I got first place barebow!! 😀 with quite a decent score.


The competition was quite challenging fpr concentration, always shooting 1 arrow at a time and having to wait so much in between. On top of that, the first half took longer than I expected and I was starving in the end >w< the last 3 arrow of the first half were not too good and I thought I doomed myself to some mediochre score and place. Then in the second half I did very well so not only did I manage to balance out the first half but also rise above the others! Yay!!! And it was also a lot of fun.

Wish all fellow archers good shooting, and kitty hugs to all~


Today, life is good.

So today we had 25m day, internal competition followed by training. Not many people came, very relaxed atmosphere… I enjoyed every moment.

the view from the shooting line.
the view from the shooting line.

I also happened to shoot consistently good (though not flawless, but good) from 25m again, and as a great comeback from the whole tradbow broken/me injured fiasco, I beat my highscore! Next aim: lets get a consistent average of 8! (at first from 18m)

My aluminium arrows unfortunately suffered the first casualty of war, arrow#2 has a shot-away nock. Oh well, it shall be fixed, the shaft is still good so it should be doable.

25m barebow skills, and the classic #thatonearrow
25m barebow skills, and the classic #thatonearrow

I’m still very much in love with my recurve, and we are constantly improving, becoming one… i’m really excited for the future.

Kitty hugs to all~


Competitions and a Really Bad Hair Day

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Calamity & New Hopes

The region I live in has a very high archery club density, and quite a lot of enthusiastic traditional/barebow archers, so every year there is organised a series of barebow competitions. I was really stoked about it and trained quite a lot for it with my traditional bow, and was confident that I would do well…

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Basic Training for Competitions

There are many different disciplines and competition types in archery, and therefore it is impossible to come up with a “recipe” to ace any of them. There are, however, a couple of things any aspiring champion should include in their prep besides just practicing shooting as much as possible. Of course this list is not extensive, but I have included the 5 things i deem most important.

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