Get moving! (moving target shooting)

Moving targets are awesome. Practicing with moving targets does not only tremendously improve aiming ability, concentration and speed, but is also a *lot* of fun, and brings a fresh challenge and enthusiasm to the archery range. There are a number of different ways that moving targets can work, in this post I will talk about the types of moving targets, and my technique to shoot at them.

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30 Questions Tarot Challenge, post #5

This is the fifth and last post in the series of the 30 Question Tarot Challenge, announced here. The full list of questions can be found on Calamity’s Child’s blog, here. This post is about dramatic Tarot, regrets and finishing off with general divination practices.

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30 QuestionsTarot writing challenge

Since there has suddenly descended upon me a maddening amount of university work, I have neglected the tarot half of this blog, and silently killed the “card of the week”… however, now that I’m injured and MIA from the archery scene, I thought I’d take up the 30 Day Tarot Challenge, that I found here , on Calamity’s Child blog. I will answer all the questions, but with a slightly modified structure: since some of the questions are too short for an individual blog post, I will group the questions into blocks. In that sense it will cease to be 30 days, a more appropriate name therefore is “30 questions tarot challenge”. I hope you enjoy! kitty hugs to all~ Joouna