Roombow :D

Let me introduce you to a new class of bow: the Roombow.

Definition: A bow that can be constructed, and used, inside a single (normal sized) room.

Here is me in my messy room, shooting one:


This one is called the 15’er, because it takes about 15 min to cut notches for the bowstring and cut a string the right length and tie knots on it to make loops. It is made of a pvc pipe from the local constructions shop. 😀 It is also not too strong, so my small room target, that is rather thin and thus is only good for slower projectiles, can stop the arrows.

The 15’er can still use some improvement, it is wayyyyy too long. Note the awkward shooting stance, in order to fit it under my low ceiling xD But roombows are fun!!! You can also use them for shooting tag arrows. I recommend to all!

kitty hugs to all~


Calamity & New Hopes

The region I live in has a very high archery club density, and quite a lot of enthusiastic traditional/barebow archers, so every year there is organised a series of barebow competitions. I was really stoked about it and trained quite a lot for it with my traditional bow, and was confident that I would do well…

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New Bow. :3

Waaah what a day…. snow and ice and completely devastated train schedules…. but it was a glorious victory.


It has 30lbs draw weight, the mass is 1.6kg, so it is a nice light bow for me ^_^ The limbs are special awesomeness, a composite material of glassfiber and foam (we even learned about that composite in an aerospace materials lecture!). The aiming sight is extremely simple but it does its job, and its also a nice transparent orange so it does not obstruct my view and is easy to ignore if I want to. No clicker or stabiliser, keepin’ it simple :3

I have not yet had the chance to shoot much, only few times at the shop.

The very first shot (in the shop)
The very first shot (in the shop)

and then ~half hour at the range. So at the moment I shall let the images speak for themselves. Tomorrow and monday I can go shooting again! 😀 And then I can continue to shamelessly show off my new recurve bow :3

We also saw a wonderful fluffy cat after leaving the shop.


So excited for the next archery trainings!!! Kitty hugs to all~


Well well, look who’s back :3

I am make my glorious entrance back into the blogosphere 😀 After one month of break due to… aaaaargh exams!!! I am free to do as I please again. :3

Let me share some of my hyperexcitement with you:

  • First off the exam period is over and there is a high chance that I passed all the exams, hoorah!
  • Secondly, tomorrow is a big day because I’m getting a new bow!!! It is going to be an awesome recurve bow by SFarchery. Going to that archery shop is also already an experience in itself, it is owned by Peter Elzinga, champion dutch archer. It will involve getting really really early on a train to gonthere but it is all totally worth it 😀
  • Thirdly, I have thought of doing short, free tarot readings, in order to practice my skills on a wider range of people! In a few days I will have the page set up, more on that soon.
  • Also, the sun is shining today. Sunshine is wonderful ^_^

Anyway, that’s all for now, tomorrow I will probably be shamelessly showing off my new bow so stay tuned ^_^

kitty hugs to all~

~ Joouna