On honouring your body + party culture

(rant warning, and lengthy personal experience stories warning)

A belief is running rampant across the youth in schools and universities that the only way to enjoy oneself and that involves a lot of crowd, noise, loud music, ingesting large amounts of mind altering substances and trying to get someone of your sexual preference interested in you. I am not exaggerating. I know people (and not only one or two) who you ask what they like to do or what they plan for their freetime and the response is: “…um… drinking. partying. what else can you do?”

For someone such as me who lives with not only a common sense but also a faith that dictates that one should keep their own body in the best condition they can, this is incomprehensible. If someone understands the party culture mentality, please try and enlighten me, I do want to try and understand my peers.

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