LiPaPo 12: Day of Sunlight

Hello all~ this is the LiPaPo series, standing for Little Pagan Post. Every day I will post a short little post, exploring an aspect of my beliefs and practices. I hope you enjoy them ~ kitty hugs to all~ Joouna

Dear all, I would like to wish you a blessed Beltane. This time is also know in central Europe as the Witches’ night, and May Day, and is a time of magic, love and life.

Here spring is rather slow, and despite the late month the leaves have just grown on the trees again. It is still rather cold, but the sunlight strengthens every day as we move closer and closer. This year’s Beltane was all about the sunlight for me. Unfortunately we did not have the day off at the university (pretty sure everywhere else May 1st is free :/ ) but while I was walking to and from the lectures, I walked among green, lively trees, flowers and birdsong. The breeze was cold in the shade, but where there was sunlight, it warmed you through. No longer do we see a distant, pale light, but the abundant, golden light of life…

The Sun has started his rule again, and thus, slowly but surely, life blossoms again, bathing in the warm light. All the animals appreciate this, outside are sunbathing cats and birds and others everywhere here ^_^ I recommend to follow their lead: Go outside on a sunny day, to the court of the Sun King. He may speak to you through the waves of light, and through nature, in form of flowers or some animals. Those who honour him, he welcomes into his presence, and touches their heart… ☀️