LiPaPo 14: It has been remade

Hello all~ this is the LiPaPo series, standing for Little Pagan Post. (almost) Every day I will post a short little post, exploring an aspect of my beliefs and practices. I hope you enjoy them ~ kitty hugs to all~ Joouna

Remember my archer/warrior dedication from the spring equinox (here)? Well, the material I used for braided part was not the most sturdy (couldn’t find anything better) so today I noticed it was on the verge of disintegrating at one point. Fortunately I did not lose it, instead I decided to remake it.


Now it is made of sturdy leather. I guess this serves as a confirmation that I will not abandon or forget my path, despite going through stressy times and such. It also should remind me to look with courage into the future, instead of being a victim of anxiety, despite that there are uncertainties in my future. I will not let “modern civilisation” smother me into submission and turn me into a robot or a whimpering nerve wreck.

imma barbarian warrior, yo <-« {