Roombow :D

Let me introduce you to a new class of bow: the Roombow.

Definition: A bow that can be constructed, and used, inside a single (normal sized) room.

Here is me in my messy room, shooting one:


This one is called the 15’er, because it takes about 15 min to cut notches for the bowstring and cut a string the right length and tie knots on it to make loops. It is made of a pvc pipe from the local constructions shop. 😀 It is also not too strong, so my small room target, that is rather thin and thus is only good for slower projectiles, can stop the arrows.

The 15’er can still use some improvement, it is wayyyyy too long. Note the awkward shooting stance, in order to fit it under my low ceiling xD But roombows are fun!!! You can also use them for shooting tag arrows. I recommend to all!

kitty hugs to all~


Weapons Safety

Perhaps the first, and certainly most fundamental information beginners learn at our archery range is weapons safety rules. Nowadays some people fall into the trap of seeing only firearms as “weapons”, but thst is simply not true. Arrows and other points and blades may be “old school”, but are can still be lethal as ever. And despite the variety of weapons that exist, the most basic safety rules are pretty universal.

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To sight or not to sight?

Ahhhh~ exams are over again and finally a weekend where I do whatever I want~ *dangles feet in lazy manner* Well actually I’m not being lazy at all. Yesterday I had finally time for an archery training of proper length (4h+ shooting, yay!). Before, I mounted my aiming sight on my recurve and decided that I will use them to add some precision…

…well, that did not work out because I guess I am, no matter what modern recurve bow I shoot with, a trad archer to the core xD I spent hours trying to adjust to the aiming sight and olympic anchor, with moderate success. Of course it takes longer than that to adjust to a new position but what really irked me was the aiming. All of a sudden there is this little irritating thing in my line of sight to the target. And even when I managed to set it perfectly, I would shoot best when I ignored it. I am also pretty sure I heard the disapproving voices of my archer ancestors at one time, although that may also just have been my frustration speaking through my imagination.

So, take screwdriver, remove sights system, return to my previous technique, and I beat my 25m record again :3 (we seem to be shooting constantly from 25m these days, I guess the coach realised we were lacking practice on that distance) That average of 8 is coming closer and closer ~ *beams with confidence* Soon…

Kitty hugs to all + happy shooting to all archers ~


Today, life is good.

So today we had 25m day, internal competition followed by training. Not many people came, very relaxed atmosphere… I enjoyed every moment.

the view from the shooting line.
the view from the shooting line.

I also happened to shoot consistently good (though not flawless, but good) from 25m again, and as a great comeback from the whole tradbow broken/me injured fiasco, I beat my highscore! Next aim: lets get a consistent average of 8! (at first from 18m)

My aluminium arrows unfortunately suffered the first casualty of war, arrow#2 has a shot-away nock. Oh well, it shall be fixed, the shaft is still good so it should be doable.

25m barebow skills, and the classic #thatonearrow
25m barebow skills, and the classic #thatonearrow

I’m still very much in love with my recurve, and we are constantly improving, becoming one… i’m really excited for the future.

Kitty hugs to all~


Get moving! (moving target shooting)

Moving targets are awesome. Practicing with moving targets does not only tremendously improve aiming ability, concentration and speed, but is also a *lot* of fun, and brings a fresh challenge and enthusiasm to the archery range. There are a number of different ways that moving targets can work, in this post I will talk about the types of moving targets, and my technique to shoot at them.

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