Summer Solstice and the Blessing of Insight

Blessed Summer Solstice to everyone~ May the sun light up your souls~

My celebration yesterday was not as long and involved as I wanted it to be because …exams… -_- but I made the most of the time I had and made a simple ritual to salute the Sun God on his longest day.

In Greek mythology the Sun God Apollo is, among many things, also a patron of oracles and divination. Usually I will “only” ask messenger angels and spirits to help me with divination, and I didn’t have such a close relationship with Sun but yesterday I suddenly had the inspiration and decided to seize the opportunity and ask for some much needed guidance. (I had a lot of stress and uncertainty, mainly academic and future career related)

I. was. blown. away.

First of all, I am used to my clairaudience by now but the clarity of the voice I heard was unprecedented as I shuffled my Tarot cards. “Draw 4”. I did, but the 4th one was actually 2 stuck together, so lay them both out.

The cards described very clearly and perfectly my situation in the present. The “double card” was interesting: one described my desired outcome, but the other showed what that outcome actually entails. Then after a moment I was like ok, I know all this already… suddenly a bird tweeting outside drew my attention. The following 5-10 minutes I just spent staring out the window because all the birds of the ‘hood paraded past my window like it was an airshow, while the sun slightly peeked out from behind the cloud cover. Finally a little songbird settled on the neighbour’s tree and was singing beautifully, while the storm clouds gathered back again.

“You’re in there, fretting, cooped up, while the little bird sings on outside” (clear, calm voice again.)

if you look closely you can see the little bird on the tree on the balcony

The insights as to what this meant constantly streamed into my head for the remainder of the day, and still today. Some of these include:

  • I need to stop resisting the flow, the growth, the progression of life. I should of course try my best, but I need to stop trying to force things, and let go.
  • Success is totally misdefined in the system I am trying to be “successful” in.
  • If I am disciplined, I am capable of that “success”, but I will only end up unhappy, trapped, feeling oppressed…
  • I am capable of rising above my current state of worry, which is anyway not fitting to me, and should do so!

Words can only say so much, but it was really a big batch of wisdom that was “downloaded” into me 😀 I am very greatful for this day.


Kitty hugs to all~


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