The Reading Quarters

What I have been doing over a few weeks now is extending my range of clients for tarot readings. (Social media and the internet are wonderful for this type of venture, because it means I can give readings to people on the other side of the globe without any problem.) So today I decided to write about an important thing to consider for reading tarot (or oracle cards or runes or whatever other divination): The elements of the right environment, the condition of the reading quarters. First of all, let me tell you that from my experience it is possible to read tarot in all kinds of conditions, as long as you can put your mind to it. Perhaps there needs to be another post about reading tarott in challenging conditions, for now I want to explain what I think constitutes cozy reading quarters. These are the 4 most important things that come to mind:

  1. Space: There should be sufficient space to lay out the cards, also when using spreads. Nothing is more comstraining to a tarot reading then having to suddenly stumble in the continuity of it because where do i put this card down?! A table is nice, but in case that will not do, reading cards on the bed always works! Unless there are clients coming. But to read for yourself of for family and friends (eg. at sleepover party) it is a good idea. If you want to read on the floor or outside (especially during rituals) it is a good idea to keep a tablecloth or something similar handy so the cards do not get dirty (dirty cards are my pet peeve).
  2. Comfort: If I am comfortable, I can direct all my attention to the messages being received. If the client is comfortable, they will also focus on the reading instead of complaints and “when can I go?”. However, this not only includes physical comfort but also mental, emotional and spiritual comfort. Make sure the place is tidy and does not provide too much stimulation. Make sure that there is nothing that is scary, disturbing or associated with obtrusive negative memories in sight (for both you and your client! The memories part can be hard.) Make sure to cleanse the space from any negative energy or intruders beforehand.
  3. Minimum Interruptions: Put your phone on silent and hang a “do not disturb” sign on the door. If you have a client, ask them to turn their phone on silent too. A tarot reading is best when it is continuous, and while some minimal interruptions are sometimes unavoidable, a ringing phone or family/roommates barging can pretty much ruin a reading session.
  4. Magical/Spiritual Support: Have some nice crystals in the reading area to project the right vibes for reading and to provide protecion (Amethyst, Rosequarz, Clear quarz and Onix for example). Use the essence of herbs/flowers to help you, through incense or oils (Lavander and Rosemary are great for readings in my experience). Light a candle with the intent of performing accurate and helpful readings, and if you work with deities, light some candles for their presence too. Casting a circle or creating a sacred space to perform divination is a good idea if it is your thing.

This list can of course be expanded further and into more detail, but details will vary from reader to reader. The point is to turn the reading quarters into “the place to be” and to ensure that the space contributes to the positive experience of a tarot reading, for both reader and client. Insights and messages received through divination can be a great blessing afterall, so it is best to prepare your space as such!

If you have any other suggestions on how to best arrange the reading quarters, or any related experience, please tell me in the comments! Would love to hear from you peeps :3

kitty hugs to all~


One thought on “The Reading Quarters

  1. Good post! One thing that has helped me, regarding the environment in which I work, is consistency. If I’m somewhere else besides my home, I am still able to work; but I will usually try to get back to my baseline as often and consistently as possible. It has little to do with sacred space for me – I view all space and things as sacred – I just find consistency to be less distracting 🙂

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