Not gonna complain because my scores are not *bad*… but I seem to be stuck. I cannot seem to move past the average of 7-not yet 8 points per arrow…

Mostly it is due to this:


Unfortunately that arrow in the top left is also mine… thatonearrowagainasdakjlfgrrrrrrrrrr aaanyway it is not always the same one, so equipment flaw is not an excuse. There is something with my technique that allows for occasional freakish mistakes. Meh.

I feel like I am nearing one of those big “aha!” moments again. But to get there, I should get my nerves together first I guess.

6 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. I run into the same problem, one freak arrow, usually riiight after I start to feel confident about some minor adjustment that I’ve made to my technique. Boo. Lemme know when you crack the case!

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  2. I also experienced this kind of problem. The key to overcoming it (I found) is to only think about 2 things when shooting the current arrow and the gold. Don’t try and tot up after each arrow, just concentrate on shooting each one individually. In addition to that, try marking the arrow that goes awry to see if its a problem with that particular one. Hope that helps 🙂

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