LiPaPo 4: Ancestral spirits

Hello all~ this is the LiPaPo series, standing for Little Pagan Post. Every day I will post a short little post, exploring an aspect of my beliefs and practices. I hope you enjoy them ~ kitty hugs to all~ Joouna

It seems I am going nicely over a continuous chain of thoughts over this LiPaPo series~ yesterday I wrote about diversity, and how different groups of people have a beautiful variation of roots. These roots are the line from generation to generations, along which genetic information, language, traditions, culture and knowledge was passed down. A long line of people, ultimately ending with… us, in the present day.

Note: When talking about ancestors, we run into a slight linguistic bump, because that word does not distinguish between recent past (e.g. grandparents) or distant past (e.g. the Romans, the old tribes of Europe, or even Neanderthal people). I use the term to signify the distant past only.

I believe that the ancestors do not just continue on through our genetic makeup. Some souls, especially those who were greatly determined to support and protect the children of their blood, may choose/be called to watch over them in spirit, and become guardians of their people. Kings and heroes are likely candidates, but it is impossible to discern a single, separate, individual identity. They become a collective of spirits of our roots, blood and homelands, and accompany us, the children of their blood, with hopes that our line may continue into a long and prosperous future.

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