Today, life is good.

So today we had 25m day, internal competition followed by training. Not many people came, very relaxed atmosphere… I enjoyed every moment.

the view from the shooting line.
the view from the shooting line.

I also happened to shoot consistently good (though not flawless, but good) from 25m again, and as a great comeback from the whole tradbow broken/me injured fiasco, I beat my highscore! Next aim: lets get a consistent average of 8! (at first from 18m)

My aluminium arrows unfortunately suffered the first casualty of war, arrow#2 has a shot-away nock. Oh well, it shall be fixed, the shaft is still good so it should be doable.

25m barebow skills, and the classic #thatonearrow
25m barebow skills, and the classic #thatonearrow

I’m still very much in love with my recurve, and we are constantly improving, becoming one… i’m really excited for the future.

Kitty hugs to all~


4 thoughts on “Today, life is good.

  1. Just wondering, is archery just a hobby for you or do you also compete? Are you a part of some sort of club? Remember, I’ve learned everything I know about archery from your blog and The Hunger Games, haha. I just see your posts all the time and I think “how does someone get into archery?” It’s just so interesting and I’m slightly jealous that you are doing something so cool!


    • i’m part of a local club and i also compete, though so far only at a regional level, but i am training with my modern recurve now to hopefully make it to more serious competition too eventually!

      if you are interested in trying archery too, i’m sure there is also someplace nearby for you, and it’s definitely worth a shot!


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