…a beautiful example… :’}

As I arrived to university this morning, I went looking for the goose family living on the field, as I always do before classes start, since I first discovered them. Father goose sitting on the fence in sentry mode check, Mama goose curled up on the grass sleeping, check, no chicks. I get closer, still I see nothing, start worrying.

“Hey, Mama, where are your children?”

Mama goose looks up, ruffles her feathers and stands up… and as if by magic, all 9 fluffy round little geese appear from under her warm belly, awwwww~~~~ :> Somehow, despite growing bigger every day, Mama goose still managed to fit them all under her feathers, so compact that there is no sign of them at all.

abracadabra, appear little children :>
abracadabra, appear little children :>

I was overjoyed to see that they are alright, as I am every day. They are such a beautiful example for so many things. The Mother, following the little ones closely, nurturing teaching and leading them, gently providing comfort, love and warmth… Yet, she turns into a fierce warrior lest anyone threaten them. The Father, a little distant at times but ever watchful, a sentinel ready to defend and fight, yet also loving and caring to Mama and the children in those rare moments he feels it is safe to lower his guard. A beautiful example of family, of the miracle of life, of the roles of the Goddess and God, of harmony of Yin and Yang energies… beautiful.

I will continue to look out for them. I love them so much and I pray all the little children grow up safely to become healthy, strong adults.

I hope you enjoyed this experience of mine ^_^

kitty hugs to all~


4 thoughts on “…a beautiful example… :’}

  1. When I lived at home with my parents we had doves that came every year to have babies in my mom’s hanging flower pot on the front porch. Mr. McDovely (I named them when I was 12) sat all day every day at the edge of the driveway watching his family until the eggs hatched. Mrs. McDovely only left the nest for food which we left on the front porch every night so she didn’t have to go far. The McDovelys visited us for about 5 years and we always looked forward to seeing them. I think my mom and Mrs. McDovely really had a connection. After about the third year she started hanging around even after the baby McDovelys had hatched. She would sit with mom on the rocker as she enjoyed her cup of coffee in the morning, almost in her lap. I think it’s amazing the way humans and animals can interact in ways you couldn’t even imagine. Mom loved that dove. And mom was terrified of birds…

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