Here comes the Equinox!

I’m so excited! Tomorrow is going to be the Spring Equinox! …and a solar eclipse! and new moon! waaaahh… 😀 On top of that, the Moon and the Sun will enter the sign of Aries, where Mars, ruling planet, is already waiting. It’s going to be a really powerful day, that is for sure, and I am beyond excited.

The Spring Equinox always has a special meaning to me, and it is probably my favorite time of the year. Nature wakes up from the winter sleep and life blossoms in so many forms. The plants become green and have flowers, love is in the air and the first baby animals start to appear (awww :3 ), and the sun shines a little warmer each day as Earth drifts closer and closer. It is a celebration of the glory of life, the miracle of birth, of Mother Nature’s awakening and the triumph of the Sun, Bringer of Light and Life. (I am almost moved to tears imagining this.) To honour this moment, I have decided to plant some seeds and nuture the plant as it grows, also symbolic for planting new ideas and aims that I want to nurture and grow.

Furthermore it is also a special day due to awesome Aries energy that will flow onto Earth that day! Mars is already in place as the ruling planet of Aries, and the eclipsing Sun aswell as the dark new Moon will both also enter the sign during the day. It will be the energy of a deep fire, beckoning us to burn bridges and embark on an epic quest. It is a time to act with passion and courage, and a time for rebirths and new beginnings.

This is also a perfect time for a devotion to the Warrior God, associated to the planet Mars and the sign of Aries. Though not many work with him due to his violent and devastating nature, I find him at the same time to be like the older Brother who pushes us to go through with our resolve, face our fears, dig up the last spark of valour from deep within and stand our ground in battle (whether that may be metaphorical or actual). It may not be pleasant, but it can be necessary to go through a time of strife and conflict, and for things to be destroyed, before a new beginning can replace it. Connecting with him has led me along a path of lots of self development and also adventure, and this equinox I have decided to honour him in ritual, to thank him for fighting side by side. (I think this needs a post of its own).

What are you doing for this Equinox? ^_^ I would love to share ideas.

kitty hugs to all~


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