30 Questions Tarot Challenge, post #5

This is the fifth and last post in the series of the 30 Question Tarot Challenge, announced here. The full list of questions can be found on Calamity’s Child’s blog, here. This post is about dramatic Tarot, regrets and finishing off with general divination practices.

25. What was the most dramatic/meaningful reading you ever did? (Not necessarily the most accurate).

  •  The first story is more funny than dramatic, though at the time I found it extremely dramatic! It comes way from my beginner years, when I was reading cards for myself on the back seat of my Dad’s car. I interpreted a combination of 3 cards (I forget which 3) as “an unwanted invitation that nevertheless must be accepted”. I didn’t get any details other than that. When I arrived in school, I was a little late, not more than usual, and nobody cared anyway… except for that day when our year coordinator suddenly poked his head through the door and *invited me to have a chat with him* that ended up with me in detention. Aaaaargh!!!
  • I did a two options reading not so long ago. On one side was all love and light and awesomeness and Ace of cups and all that. On the other side was a cartload of gloom+doom+uncertainty and 3 of Swords and such. I have not seen such polarity between decisions in a long time in readings for myself! Needless to say which path I chose, and indeed it was a wonderful time :3

    two options
    two options
  • Readings can become quite dramatic if a lot of emotions are involved, and it can be difficult to be objective (while reading for yourself) or telling things to the seeker that they don’t want to hear! Especially true for relationship readings in my opinion. The words of “This situation requires work from your part” or “The toxicity is of mutual contribution” or worst of all, “This ain’t likely to work out much longer, hun” can, and have been, taken badly.
  • Usually my readings tend not to be very dramatic. I don’t like to scare people and foretell gloom and doom, so when something comes up I prefer to talk about strategies and solutions to fix the issues, or at least ride it out in the best possible way.

26. Have you ever regretted a particular reading, either for yourself or another?

  • One that I did when I was quite young and a newbie still, the seeker asked about her relationship and I felt rather incompetent to answer the question. On top of that the cards I pulled were not very clear, some things were nice, others sorrowful… I could not tell her much meaningful insights.

27. Do you have a special time and/or place that you use your Tarot?

  • Not really. I can read Tarot anywhere, as long as I have some space, my cards don’t get dirty (huge pet peeve of mine) and people don’t start harassing me for it. And there are no loose dogs that come and bark and attack. I don’t like dogs. But if I have a choice, I love a nice, quiet place where I can really tune in. Usually at home I read at my table or for myself on my bed.

28. Does anyone you know not agree with your Tarot practices?

  • So far nobody (that I actually care about) has told me to stop it. There are of course some skeptics that don’t believe in it, and might sometimes discuss with me about it, but as long as it is all open minded debate it’s fine.

29. Do you have a Tarot mentor?

30. Do you practice any other forms of divination? If so, what is it, and do you use them alongside the Tarot as to gain more insight or as something separate entirely?

  • I use oracle cards frequently, and they are great alongside Tarot cards. I also use a pendulum occasionally for yes/no questions, although it is sometimes difficult to be objective with a pendulum if the seeker really favours one answer over the other. In that case it is best to find out what could be done to achieve that outcome. I also use numerology and astrology in life purpose, profession or relationship related questions, alongside the Tarot.

I have reached the end of the 30 questions, and it was a great opportunity to reflect and think about my Tarot practice! I hope you enjoyed reading it,

kitty hugs to all~~~~


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