30 Questions Tarot Challenge, post #2

This is the second post in the series of the 30 Question Tarot Challenge, announced here. The full list of questions can be found on Calamity’s Child’s blog, here. This post is questions about my view on card interpretations and spreads.

7. What is your favorite card (both in terms of deck’s artwork and divinatory meaning)?

  • Thats a really difficult question. I can really only choose just 1?? Then I will choose Strength. Let the picture speak for itself. :3

Strength cards from various Tarot decks.

Second place would be the Magician. I love the Magician and always happy to see him in a reading.

8. Which card do you dread pulling the most?

  • Dread? Hmm. I think “dread” has no place in divination. But naturally there are outcomes that I don’t want to happen. It depends on the situation tho which card symbolises the outcome I dont want… I guess I can also stop rambling around and say that the 3 of Swords is usually not a good sign.

9. What card do you pull the most often? Why do you think that is the case?

  • I seem to have certain phases where the same card(s) always follow me around. Right now the Knight of Pentacles/Judgement combination comes up every other time. Before this Justice kept appearing, and it was kind of ticking me off because after a while I did not understand what was being said with that. Then I suddenly heard the answer: I was not being entirely honest and fair with others, but even more, with myself. Reoccuring cards always have some message that should be addressed asap!

10. What card best represents your personality (or, is most often pulled to represent you in a spread)?

  • In my opinion, Knight of Swords (I don’t see myself as a very *queenish* female).  My Tarot decks have changed to a different opinion, however, and have started representing me with the Queen of Cups some time ago. I balked at this at first (who, me???) but am seeing it and embracing it more and more now.
Queen of Cups from Shadowscapes Tarot
Queen of Cups from Shadowscapes Tarot

11. What spread do you use most often/prefer and why?

  •  My preferred reading style is actually “freestyle”, I lay out ~3-7 cards in a string or some other formation that intuitively comes to me. If I do use spreads, I will most likely use past/present/future, present/soon outcome for choices, or present/soon/what to do/outcome. For more detailed readings I will use more detailed spreads, either astrological or one that I come up with for the specific scenario.

12. Have you ever created your own spread? If so, how effective is it? (feel free to show spread)

  • I do that a lot, although most spreads are very specific for that question. I think the most effective one that can be used generally is my spread for a situation’s impact on a relationship.


13. Is there a card that continuously stumps you when it is drawn? Why do you believe this to be so?

  • Justice stumped me quite often, until quite recently actually, and it was annoying me a lot. It would make sense in many contexts but sometimes, out of the blue Justice would come up when I thought it had nothing to do with the situation. Then I learned that Justice signified much more than legal matters, fairness or decision making. Justice tells us that each action has consequences, each decision needs to be acted upon, and we can be dishonest to anybody but if we are dishonest to ourselves then we become blind. We must become fully aware of decisions, actions, and consequences, only then can we fully fulfill our missions.
Justice from Manga Tarot
Justice from Manga Tarot

Well, thats it for today’s batch of questions, tomorrow I will continue with questions about reading method for Tarot cards.

kitty hugs to all~


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