Archery and Injury.

Unfortunately it can happen to anyone, including archers: something stupid happens and we injure ourselves and the next thing we know is we are at the hospital waiting for the doctor. Sucks. What now?

No matter how eager we are, we should never do anything that will make the injury worse. In case of muscle or bone injuries, loading the injured area before it is ready can ruin the healing process or even worsen the condition. Therefore it is important to, depending on the injury, maybe do less or different training.

In terms of archery there can be 4 groups of injury: Leg/foot, lower body upper body and head.

With an upper body injury the archery trainig will probably have to be put on hold for as long as it is not healed. As unfortunate as that may be, drawing a bow puts a lot of loads on practically all the upper body muscles so those need to be rested. Once healed, the muscles need to be trained again, slowly and gently, before going back to regular training. It may be tedious but this way eventually it will be back to normal.

Head injuries are very subjective. It can be that they do not impair shooting at all. Important points to consider are whether cognitive capabilities could be under influence (eg. after a concussion), or whether our vision is stil unchanged. If something is swollen, check to see if the usual anchor position still works the same way!

Leg injuries can be really annoying in terms of mobility but are at least relatively harmless in terms of archery. Although outdoor, terrainy 3D events are probably out of the question, as long as the archery range is sufficiently accessible and somebody can help to string the bow, it should be fine. Most ranges have chairs and archery from a sitting position works just as well, in case of walking with crutches. The archery range might also have space for shooting from a wheelchair.

Finally in case of the lower body, it is again dependent on what exactly the injury is. Shooting a bow requires a straight, supporting back, so if we cannot stand or sit straight then the shooting has to wait until it gets better.

In my case i managed to fall down the stairs and injure some muscles on my butt, rather stupid but at least i didnt break anything. Shooting was out of the question this week but it is getting better so hopefully soon i can get back to shooting maybe, from a chair at first…

Wish my fellow archers good health + good shooting~

Kitty hugs to all~


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