Competitions and a Really Bad Hair Day

This week our range hosted two barebow competitions on tuesday and thursday, as part of a series of regional barebow competitions. Naturally I was stoked for it already months in advance, but as you may have heard from this post my traditional bow that I had been practicing with suddenly gave up and I had to seitch last minute to my brand-new recurve.

Well after only 2 trainings with the recurve as my new barebow I went to the tuesday competition. And it went okay. Not great, but acceptable…. and the next day I also found out why, I had a small mistake in my shooting position that decreased precision. After about an hour of experimentation I managed to find out what exactly it was and how to avoid it.

So on thursday I went to the competition cheerfully and with a lot of confidence…. and it sucked. The 2 practice rounds were perfect, then I totally lost it nerve and concentrationwise and the first half was a complete disaster. In the second half I managed to pull a bit together but it was not enough. What a cock-up. I didn’t submit my score afterwards, out of shame.

What had happened was a combination of things. First of all I had quite a lot going on this week, with a lot of stress and was also not 100% healthy. On top of that came competition nerves which was just a little bit too much. And when I shot bad the very first end, the trauma of the 25m competition started haunting me. Not quite the way to go for being the cold-blooded archer.

Today I regret not submitting the score, because it was not the worst score of the competition. But I guess crap happens, and it was one of those days. There is now no competition for some time, and I have time to practice and solidify my technique with my new bow, without any stress.

hope the other archers out there are doing better, kitty hugs to all~


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