Calamity & New Hopes

The region I live in has a very high archery club density, and quite a lot of enthusiastic traditional/barebow archers, so every year there is organised a series of barebow competitions. I was really stoked about it and trained quite a lot for it with my traditional bow, and was confident that I would do well…

…Until the first competition, from 25m, came along. And everything seemed to go really, really, REALLY AWFUL. First of all in the first practice round I noticed that I was dropping my shots below the target. When I did shoot into the target I was practically aiming at the sky. After that, when I thought my arrow would go in the top half of the target somewhere, suddenly *boing* there is a stupid net hanging there. The net is not an obstruction for others who shoot straight or with only slight arc, but I was shooting rather ridiculous parabolas. Finally my nocking point decided to migrate downwards which was really the last straw.

Despite all this crap happening, I can proudly announce that I didn’t finish last. :3

However, it was clear that my bow was not in good order so it had to be checked out next training.

Well, a migrating nocking point could be fixed, however I was still shooting horribly low, from 18m, that day (although always on the good line). I remembered I had complained to someone that “my bow seems to be getting lighter and lighter” to which he replied I must be getting stronger. But that day I borrowed an instrument for measuring bow strength from a coach, and lo and behold my bow at my draw length was no more than… 22lbs. Originally it had been 28. That did explain everything. But I was totally crestfallen. What happened to my traditional bow??? :<

I still don’t know what happened to it but it was clear that this was not competitionworthy. Fortunately it had just been the first round, and from both distances it is possible to miss a round and still qualify for scoring. So I decided to change bowclass to bare recurve, and shoot next time with my new recurve, without aiming sights.

Yesterday I anxiously went to training… To cut the long story short: I stayed there for 4h, and towards the end (after lot of experimentation to find the right anchor and aiming style) I scored myself for 10 ends on 18m. I got my best barebow score EVER 😀 (I still have *1* better score with aiming sights, that’s my next challenge.)

So now my confidence needs to be scraped off the ceiling. :3 Tomorrow is one more training, on tuesday comes the next competition! Awesome!

kitty hugs to all~


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