So much work -_-


So here I was a week ago, so happy that exam period is over, I am free, so much time… yeah right. It turns out that first day back to uni and I already came back with so much homework that it didn’t even fit stacked on my desk. Maybe I’m exaggerating slightly. But it was so much that it made me miss archery training, which is a Very Big Thing Indeed. I was so excited to shoot my recurve, I’m so joyful with it and it’s so nice… oh well.


I am not forgetting about this blog although I will only be posting sporadically and will be an ephemeral character for an undetermined stretch of time. And I will try not to miss any more archery trainings because there are ~~~competitioooons!!!~~~ coming up.

hope y’all are having a better time,

kitty hugs to all,


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