New Bow. :3

Waaah what a day…. snow and ice and completely devastated train schedules…. but it was a glorious victory.


It has 30lbs draw weight, the mass is 1.6kg, so it is a nice light bow for me ^_^ The limbs are special awesomeness, a composite material of glassfiber and foam (we even learned about that composite in an aerospace materials lecture!). The aiming sight is extremely simple but it does its job, and its also a nice transparent orange so it does not obstruct my view and is easy to ignore if I want to. No clicker or stabiliser, keepin’ it simple :3

I have not yet had the chance to shoot much, only few times at the shop.

The very first shot (in the shop)
The very first shot (in the shop)

and then ~half hour at the range. So at the moment I shall let the images speak for themselves. Tomorrow and monday I can go shooting again! 😀 And then I can continue to shamelessly show off my new recurve bow :3

We also saw a wonderful fluffy cat after leaving the shop.


So excited for the next archery trainings!!! Kitty hugs to all~


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