Arrows and Crosswiiiiiinnnnd~

I have been here at my parents’ house in the wide plains of central Europe over the christmas holidays. Of course holidays is not a break from archery! The driveway/garage setup allows for a nice (and safe) private archery range :3 …but there is one catch. This place is *extremely windy* 🌀🌀🌀

Arrows in wind are very interesting to observe, and their behaviour is indeed ~rocket science~ The shape and weight distribution of arrows and rockets are very similar. The most significant difference is that arrows are launched and are then in free fall, while rockets have thrust from engines.

Imagine a rocket-arrow! Put a little rocket engine in the arrow annd… i digress.

A rocket uses the combination of weight distribution and fins to stabilise itself. In the same way, the weight distribution and fletchings of an arrow will help it to stabilise, even in considerable wind. When the crosswind is strong, the arrow will struggle and fishtail like crazy, but will not turn away with the wind. If it is very strong, it may have a consistent left or right error depending on wind direction, as the wind pushes it. This can be adjusted for with aiming. The heavier and faster the arrow, the less this effect will take place. Large fletchings and heavy tip make a good aerodynamic stability.

Inconsistent, gusting crosswind will result in a funny/annoying situation. If you release the arrow in crosswind, then mid-flight the wind weakens or stops, the arrow will suddenly be in an “over-stable” state, and turn into the wind! Byebye, arrow … The opposite case is not such a problem. The arrow gets a push from the sudden wind, but will stabilise soon after.

happy shooting, archers~

kitty hugs to all :3


One thought on “Arrows and Crosswiiiiiinnnnd~

  1. Hi Joourna! Would you be interested in doing a post exchange on archery? (I write something for your blog and you write something for mine?) I think that’s a cool idea! If you’re interested, feel free to contact me with your email address using the contact page on my blog. (I doubt you want to post your email publicly and I don’t see a contact page for you here). Cheers! –Erica


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