Tarot Card of the Week- Knight of Cups

hello~ in this ongoing series i aim to post the interpretation of a Tarot card every week. This interpretation is based on my study and experience of Tarot over the years. Ultimately, the interpretation of each card depends on the situation, so this description is of course not complete. hope you enjoy ^_^ kitty hugs to all~ Joouna~

the card of this week is: Knight of Cups

This is a court card. Court cards often represent people, either others or ourselves. It could also be a prompt for us to adopt the characteristics of the portrayed person.

The knight of cups is the chivalrous, romantic and idealistic knight, on the quest for the holy grail. He is a dreamer and a believer, and is mostly driven by emotion and intuition. He is charming, poetic, and will often court interests with sweeping romantic gestures. He will pursue his quests with endless zeal, and his faith and resolve will give him strength to reach his goals. His imagination and fantasy, combined with emotional and idealistic tendencies, will turn life into a romantic adventure, regardless of how dreary or dull others might see it.

He may be seen as irrational by some because he follows his feelings without much thought. He will make impulsive decisions rather than carefully thinking over situations. He may be seen as feminine because he is so in touch with his intuition, and because he expresses his feelings very openly. However, there is a deep, gentle but great strength in him.

In a love reading, the knight of cups may also represent our knight in shining armour coming into the scene.

Sometimes the court cards do not represent actual people, but serve as messengers to herald coming events.

The knight of cups is a messenger of love, emotion and passion. He tells us to be open to experiences that may suddenly come our way, and to listen to our heart for guidance. A new love interest, emotional experience, a calling to a mission, a creative project or inspiration will have further developments and you may realise that although it has been in your life before, it suddenly gains importance. The knight of cups brings the energy of emotion, imagination and intuition to help us clear obstacles and progress further on our path.

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