Tarot Card of the Week: The Tower

hello~ in this ongoing series i aim to post the interpretation of a Tarot card every week. This interpretation is based on my study and experience of Tarot over the years. Ultimately, the interpretation of each card depends on the situation, so this description is of course not complete. hope you enjoy ^_^ kitty hugs to all~ Joouna~

This week’s card is The Tower.

The Tower is often portrayed as one of the most feared cards that can show up in a reading. It signifies a sudden, violent storm that uproots everything and anything we thought was a constant in our lives. There are sweeping changes on the horizon, the process of which is not always pleasant.

However, must keep in mind that although times of transition may be hard, and sudden upheaval may seem scary, change is a natural part of life. Nothing is ever static, nor should we wish it to be. To be alive ist to grow, learn and evolve constantly.

The Tower card is usually illustrated with a picture of a tower being struck by lightning and burning down. I find that this image shows very well the meaning: facades will burn down, but strong foundations, if there were any, will remain. The lightning from the sky can often symbolise a sudden *flash of insight*, an epiphany, a realisation that alters the way we see the world.

This may be the time that, after a sudden experience or thought, we start to question our current belief system and think critically. This can be a spiritual belief, an ideological standpoint, or simply the way we see things in our life. As a result, any belief that does not resonate can be discarded. Those that still feel right after critical evaluation, we will have stronger faith in than ever. I think it is essential to question, because through questioning and seeking out answers to doubts we can find our true faith and consolidate it like rock.

The Tower can also indicate revolution, baptism by fire, a final stand… a battle is ahead, perhaps we are facing new obstacles, against which we have not yet been tested. Whatever the outcome, it will definitely be a defining event on our path.


Finally, above is pictured the Tower card from the Manga Tarot published by Lo Scarabeo. This is by far my favorite Tower card ever. I always read tarot cards like a panel of a comic, and imagine what the previous and next panels would look like. In this case I see the battle for the tower, a hard and fierce battle, as suggested by the warrior’s broken sword. However, despite losses and danger, the warrior’s pose is one of victory. Towers can be rebuilt, swords can be replaced, what is important is that our resolve remains.


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