Spiralling Arrows

Would you like to have a wooden arrow that flies on a glorious and impressive spiral path?

Simply leave an arrow with a hard wooden shaft standing in near a badly insulated window during the winter. There will be a large contrast of temperature and humidity. In a few weeks you will have a bananashaped arrow.

No go and shoot it. Wheeeeee~~~🌀

Clean up any chaos and destruction you may have caused.

The good news is that, provided the shooting technique is consistent, the flight path of our awesome arrow will be the same too. So you can compensate for the offset from the target with aiming. So now you have it: the Whirlwind Arrow.

I made mine accidentally and proceeded to unknowingly shoot it at the range, oblivious to the nasty surprise in store for me. While I did manage to entertain everyone at the shooting range, it was quite a scare and I was extremely lucky and relieved not to have destroyed anything. It was fascinating to watch it fly… but I don’t think my nerves can take another target shooting accuracy training session with that arrow.

So now im working on straightening the arrow. Grrrrr.

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