Last saturday I decided to leave my traditional bow at home, grab a community bow of the club and (properly) learn to shoot with a recurve bow. So that day and also on monday I have been recurve’in~ :3

closeup of riser
closeup of riser

It is a very basic bow with a simple arrow rest and aiming sight, and is rather old. But works marvellously nonetheless.


In fact, I am very happy that it is such a basic bow because its light, there is no clicker on it to stress me out and there is no flimsy precision gadgets that I could wreck easily :3

Since my usual shooting technique was already quite similar to recurve shooting, I could get used to it quite fast. The only thing I changed on my shooting form was the anchor: I switched from traditional anchor to olympic anchor. According to the coach, I suddenly have a good straight head while shooting (I’m prone to tilt my head just a little while aiming >.< ), which comes from the changed anchor as well as needing to look through the aiming sight.

I kept my aiming style also the same as with the traditional bow, except this time aided by the aiming sight. With both eyes I focus on the target in the distance and therefore see the aiming sight as a slightly blurry circle. I adjust my bow hand to make the sight and the target concentric and release once I am steady. I find this much more effective and intuitive than trying to “point the sight to the target” and thereby focusing mainly on the sight.

The only thing I am irritated about is the flimsy thin carbon arrows. They seem to break immediately if I just touch them, and I wrecked one immediately with my first shot xD so if I ever get my own recurve bow I will definitely go for aluminium arrows, they seem to be more durable.

On monday I even managed to shoot through an internal competition at the club with that bow, and land a decent score. So I will fight my traditional archer’s snobbery and continue to practice recurve as well, starting tomorrow. I am also curious how this will affect my shooting skill with my traditional bow, that I shall find out on thursday. I am definitely enjoying it and looking forward to future trainings!

Happy shooting to fellow archers~

kitty hugs to all~


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