Tarot of the Gemstones and Crystals

The Tarot of the Gemstones and Crystals by Helmut G. Hofmann was my first tarot deck. I dont remember how old I was exactly, I think about 12 years old, and was getting really into this whole divination and cartomancy thing, eager to try if for myself.

In retrospect it was i guess an odd choice for a beginner’s deck. Usually beginners are recommended to choose simple decks with classic imagery. However, the classic art style and illustrations did not resonate with me at all (this remains to this day), as opposed to this deck which drew me in straight away. I had always been fascinated by crystals and loved working with their energies, and through that am able to connect very well with this deck. The images on the cards do not offer themselves so well to be interpreted by a beginner, but fortunately the deck came with a very detailed little booklet to refer to.

Each card has a photo of a gemstone on it. Although some effort has been made with lighting and framing to include the meaning of the card in the picture, it is assumed that the reader knows the meaning of the cards or is consulting the booklet. Nevertheless it is still a gorgeous, if not conventional deck.

The speciality of this deck is to pair each card with a gemstone. These gemstones are selected as suggestions that in that particular situation the energy of the crystal can help us. For example the Queen of Pentacles, standing for prosperity, security, growth, generosity and nurturing is assigned the agate, which can help bring about such outcomes.

I am very satisfied with this deck and after years and more experience I am still using it occasionally. I recommend it to gemstone lovers, or tarot readers looking for special, unusual decks.

Please refer to this link for pictures and more reviews ^_^

kitty hugs to all~


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