Tarot Card of the Week- 8 of Cups

hello~ in this ongoing series i aim to post the interpretation of a Tarot card every week. This interpretation is based on my study and experience of Tarot over the years. Ultimately, the interpretation of each card depends on the situation, so this description is of course not complete. hope you enjoy ^_^ kitty hugs to all~ Joouna~

the card of this week is: 8 of Cups 

The 8 of cups signifies a powerful moment in time: the decision to begin a journey, and leave the present situation behind. It is not an easy decision and may cause emotional turmoil, or fear of an uncertain future. We may be leaving behind comforts which we are used to, and we may be sad about it. Through our decision we may be distancing ourselves from people we used to be close to, and we may feel very alone. However, beneath all the doubts we know it is the right decision that will lead us forward in our life purpose.

The reason behind the decision can depend on the situation. We may have gained sudden insights about our life, and as a consequence made a decision to seek out the path that leads to greater happiness and fulfillment of ourselves and our purpose. We may be seeking to break out from a monotone, routined lifestyle, perhaps making a career change. We may be shifting to a more spiritual path. We may already see where the path is leading, or we may have just decided to explore it. We may be following divine guidance we have received. We may also be making this decision because we realise that our present situation is negative, unhealthy, or we have simply outgrown it, and we want to leave it behind. We may have noticed that a previous decision does not serve us anymore, or has not lead us down the path we wanted to go, and so we decide to turn back.

This card may also be prompting us to take inventory of our present situation and weed out things that may be harmful or do no longer have a purpose. We may be guided to seek a deeper meaning in our life, and make changes to align ourself with it.

It can also signify that somebody is ready to move on and distance themselves from us, and we need to come to terms with that and let them go, as it is ultimately for the best of both of us. This could for example be a relationship that has fulfilled its purpose, or a child growing up. It could also mean that we need to release all ties we are clinging to from relationships that are only memories of the past, and need to forgive everyone involved in order to have peace.

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